My Irish Jeweler

Collaborating closely with the team from My Irish Jeweler, we identified the main characteristics of their brand. Established in 1963, an authentic feel and tradition was central to how My Irish Jeweler communicated their identity and this was an aspect they wished to retain. At the same time, there was a need to modernise, to emphasise the character of this beautifully crafted Irish jewellery while also connecting with their main audience —  the Irish diaspora living abroad. Using Ogham lettering we created a simple yet interactive way to communicate the idea of ‘home’ allowing clients to translate messages themselves. 
Due to the varied styles and unique traditional jewellery designs a unifying photographic direction was required to anchor consistency to the brand experience. Natural materials and colours such as slate and sand were introduced to soften the backgrounds, while focusing on the jewellery framed in a natural setting. This approach meant photography played a pivotal visual role in redesigning the brand identity.”


Rebranding and Photography
My Irish Jeweler